Are You, Or Someone You Know, Suffering From
A Rare Or Debilitating Medical Condition?

Please Get In Touch. We Would Like To Help.


The mission of the Health and Wellness Initiative is to assist individuals living with debilitating medical conditions. The support we provide is founded in Education and Financial Assistance.  Through education, we offer up-to-date information about the effectiveness of natural treatment and therapy.  Through financial assistance, we provide subsidized access to natural therapies as well as Western medical practices.

We deal with every person on an individual basis, providing the best possible options for their particular condition. We are highly supportive of organic nutrition, supplements, moderate exercise, positive mindset, and natural therapies as the foundation of overall good health and longevity.
Our mandate is to provide current, impartial information about the benefits and efficacy of nutrition-based treatment and therapy. We also offer counselling regarding the importance of a lifestyle based on nutrition, moderate exercise, as well as, natural and holistic (whole body) practices as the essential building blocks of a healthy body and a vibrant mind.

How You Can Get Involved

Your generous donation of time, money or both would benefit our cause significantly.

Many persons living with debilitating medical conditions have to pay out of pocket for natural therapy and nutrition programs. Certain medical procedures are not fully covered by government programs or private insurance plans. We provide subsidized access to natural therapies, science based and clinically proven nutrition programs, as well as traditional Western medical practices.

Being rich is not about how much we have

but how much we give.